Coaches Corner

Become A Coach

Step-by-step guide to getting everything you need to Volunteer and/or coach

Step 1: Get your Background Checks (Required for New Coaches & Coaches whose clearances are >5 years old)

If you have these clearances from another organization (Church, School, etc) they are applicable with DYS.  These are now good for 5 years as well.  You can load digital copies into the Coach Registration in Step 4.  

Have questions about the new laws? click here:

Below are the links for anyone that has maintained residence in Pennsylvania for the last 10 years.

PA Child Abuse History Clearance (This is a free Clearance)

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check (This is a free Clearance)

Additionally, if you haven't been a resident in PA for the last 10 years:

FBI Criminal Background Check (Have your Credit Card as this costs $27.50) DYS reimbursement form and instructions at this link:  Reimbursement Form

Fingerprinting: Go to this link and enter volunteer code: LKGGZJ to register and set an appointment for fingerprinting. 
There is a location in the Etown library on the 2nd floor.

Step 2: Complete your Concussion Education (Required for New Coaches Only)

CDC Heads Ups Online training (Required) - Save a screenshot of the certificate.

EPYSA Concussion Resources (Optional Resource FYI)

Step 3: EPYSA Risk Management (Required for All Coaches, Coordinators and Team Managers)

Step 4: Register with DYS (Required for Coaches, Coordinators and Team Managers)

Register with DYS Checklist:

  • PA Child Abuse Certificate (Only for new coaches)
  • PA State Police Background check Certificate (Only for new coaches)
  • FBI Background Clearance (Only required for those that have not resided in PA for the last 10 yrs)
  • Heads Up! Concussion education Certificate (Must be done each year)
  • EPYSA Risk Assessment ID (Must be done each season)
  • Know the age group you are coaching (ex. U8, U10, etc) and the program you are coaching with (recreational, select)

Please e-mail your clearances (bullet points 1-3), Heads Up! Concussion Certificate, and EPYSA Risk Assessment ID to