Donegal Thunder 07 U10 boy’s team Donates $15,500

DYS Players are learning more than just soccer on the field

Donegal Thunder 07 U10 boy’s team Donates $15,500

During a soccer training session last Spring, Sean Karpel met Coach Paul Payne, and learned about "Red Card Cancer".  Following a friend’s passing in 2009, Coach Payne decided it was time to throw a red card at one of the world’s biggest offenders: cancer.   So he founded Red Card Cancer.   Payne explained that 100 percent of all funds raised through Red Card Cancer go directly to life-saving research at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

Sean had an idea.  “Let’s pledge $100 for every goal scored by the Donegal Youth Soccer U10 select team this season.”   One of Karpel’s Transcore co-workers, Michele Eagleman, had recently passed away after long battle with cancer.  After hearing Karpel’s idea, TransCore President Tracy Marks had just one suggestion.  “Let’s up that to $500 per goal.”

When Karpel first broached the idea with his team, he asked if anyone close to them had ever been affected by cancer.  “I have to say, I was surprised to see at least four little hands go up,” said Karpel.  “Even at the young age of nine, cancer affects so many of us.”
Throughout the season the players each wore a red wristband for every game and began each game with a team huddle that broke with them shouting “Red Card Cancer!”  And when one of the boys scored a goal, he would shout, “That’s $500!”  Then, at the end of each game, instead of exchanging team patches with the opposing team, they would give the opposing players a Red Card Cancer wristband.
Based on the fall season’s 11 goals, Karpel was thrilled about the opportunity to donate about $5,000 to the organization.  But with this new incentive, the team surprised everyone and nearly tripled that, scoring 31 goals this season. 

“I could not be more proud of my company and our kids,” Karpel said.  “This was a great opportunity to teach our kids the power of community, of working together for something bigger than themselves.” On August 17, 2017 Sean Karpel and the U10 Select soccer team presented Red Card Cancer with a check for $15,500.