About Us

Inspiring youth to develop life and athletic skills

The Mission of Donegal Youth Soccer

Donegal Youth Soccer (DYS) promotes the development of youth soccer in our community through sportsmanship, which offers the coaches, parents and players the opportunity to develop life and athletic skills by enriching the qualities of character, teamwork, honor, discipline, respect and excellence.

Field Locations

Take a look at the different field locations
we have throughout the state of Pennsylvania

Community Bible Church (7v7 field)

331 Anderson Ferry Rd
Marietta, PA 17547

(1) 7v7 Field

Donegal Intermediate School

1177 River Road
Marietta, PA 17547

Floyd H. Fuhrman Park

170 Rock Point Road
Marietta, PA 17547

Janus School (9v9 Field)

205 Lefever Road
Mount Joy, PA 17552

(1) 9v9 Field

Kraybill Mennonite School (9V9 field)

598 Kraybill Church Rd
Mount Joy, PA 17552

(1) 9v9 Field

(1) 11v11 Field

Cove Outlook Park (11V11 FIELD)

432 Old Market Street
Mount Joy, PA 17552

(1) 11v11 Field

Donegal Primary School

1055 Koser Road
Mount Joy, PA 17552

Donegal Junior High School (11v11 fields)

915 Anderson Ferry Road
Mount Joy, PA 17552

11v11 Fields

Rotary Park (7V7 FIELD)

201 Fairview St
Mount Joy, PA 17552

(1) 7V7 Field

The Lakes Park (7V7 FIELD)

275 Lakeside Crossing
Mount Joy, PA 17552

(1) 7V7 Field

DYS Board of Directors

Josh Kovalik

Club President


PJ Savage

Vice President, Select Coordinator


Jason Cunningham



Wayne Fry



Carrie Kitchen



DYS Coordinators

PJ Savage

Select Coordinator


Brian Engel

Fields Coordinator


Allison Davis

Rec League Coordinator


Julie Boyer

Uniform Coordinator


Jennifer Rietschey

AndMe (U4) Coordinator


Danielle Greenawalt

Referee Coordinator


Dana Custer

U6 Coordinator


Elizabeth Rood

Equipment Coordinator


Jessica Hutchinson

U8 Coordinator



Coaching Coordinator

Contact us if you are interested in this position

DYS Policies & Forms

Volunteer Policy

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to encourage volunteerism overall as well as to offer families an additional means to help keep their overall costs down.


  1. DYS is a volunteer run organization that is not sustainable without the help from it’s members and those within the community. As an incentive DYS offers volunteers a partial refund for each season in which they volunteer.
  2. All volunteers who serve in an approved position for a full season are eligible.
  3. Volunteers who serve less than a full season may be eligible for a refund at the Board’s discretion
  4. All registration fees are to be paid in full at the time of registration
  5. The refund only applies to fees paid for registration and does not include other fees such as uniform costs, fundraising buyouts, rental fees, and other fees not listed.
  6. If a single member holds two eligible positions or two members for which one registrant or group of registrants apply, the volunteer position with the highest percentage of refund will be used to determine the total refund amount.
Procurement Policy

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to reimburse individuals for legitimate expenses incurred on behalf of and for the purpose of Donegal Youth Soccer (DYS) while at the same time maintaining fiscal responsibility and accountability of DYS funds.

Reimbursable Expense

  • Reimbursable expenses are pre-approved expenses an individual incurs on behalf of DYS and for DYS’s benefit.
  • Reimbursable expenses do not typically include payments DYS Board Members (Directors) are authorized to make directly from the appropriate DYS accounts. This would include such things as payments for membership or participation in leagues, tournament fees, payments as per resolution of the DYS Board, etc.

Non-reimbursable Expense

  • Non-reimbursable expenses are expenses that were not pre-approved per the DYS Procurement and Reimbursement Policy and/or do not, in the sole judgment of the DYS Board, benefit DYS as a whole.


  1. All expenses an individual incurs related to the operation of DYS will only be reimbursed per the DYS Procurement and Reimbursement Policy.
  2. The DYS Procurement and Reimbursement Policy applies to all DYS Members, volunteers, coaches, coordinators, Officers and Directors of DYS.
  3. Purchases can be made and reimbursements provided per the following authorizations. All authorizations must be secured prior to purchase.
    1. Directors
      1. Directors are authorized to spend up to and including $500
      2. Directors must receive permission from a second Director for spending between $500 and $2000.
      3. Directors must receive Board majority approval for spending above and including $2000.
    2. Officers and Coordinators
      1. Officers and Coordinators are authorized to spend up to and including $100
      2. Officers and Coordinators must receive permission from the Director for which they report for spending between $100 and $500.
      3. Any spending by Officers and Coordinators above and including $500 must be approved by Directors as per 3(a)(iii) and 3(a)(iv).
    3. Members, Volunteers & Coaches
      1. All requests by any Member, volunteer or Coach of DYS require authorization, prior to purchase, by the Coordinator for which they report, within the authorizations as per 3(b).
    4. Non-Members
      1. Non-members cannot procure items and/or services on behalf of DYS and will not be reimbursed by DYS for any of those purchases
DYS Team Account Policy

Description: As DYS Select teams elect to create their own team bank accounts, DYS is establishing some policies and procedures to ensure accountability.


  1. Quarterly Reporting – at the end of each quarter (i.e. March 31st, June 30th, September 30th and December 31st) the Team Manager will forward to the parents of the Select team and the DYS Treasurer the following:
    1. Copy of most recent bank statement
    2. Spreadsheet listing:
      1. Beginning balance
      2. Income (from fundraisers, cash collections, etc.)
      3. Expenses (from tournament or league fees, spirt wear, etc.)
      4. Ending balance
  2. Team Checking Accounts – teams with a balance over $200 are strongly encouraged to open a separate team account through the bank. Each account should have the following:
    1. Two parent names on the account, AND
    2. Two signatures required on all checks
  3. Fundraisers – for any fundraiser events requiring the team to spend money to purchase goods or gift cards to be sold, the Select team will report to the team parents and the DYS Treasurer:
    1. How much the team raised
    2. How much the team spent – documentation needed to show payment to the fundraising vendor (i.e. copy of check, invoice marked “paid” from the vendor, etc.)

Soccer Programs

We have a variety of programs available for all age groups.

And Me

For our youngest players, we offer a fun, encouraging introduction to the game. With a coach's direction, parents help teach their child basic skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting through fun drills and games.

Select (U9-U19)

For players 8 and up who would like to continue to develop in a more competitive environment, DYS offers both boys and girls select teams.


We offer intramural play to teach the foundational skills of the game and participate in small-sided games that allow players to maximize their touches on the ball and encourage continued player development.

Camps & Clinics

For those who need a little extra practice during the off season or want to improve on their game.


For players 8 and up who enjoy playing the game and want to continue to develop in a less competitive environment, DYS offers both boys and girls recreational teams.

Forward Pass Program

If you have gently used soccer equipment, consider donating them to us and we will pass them along to those in need within our community.